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Winner Tribeca Best Cinematography 2022

Sundance Best Narrative short nominee  2022

Winner Highland park international film festival Best Cinematography  2022

Oberhausen Grand prize nominee  2021

Winner Point to the short Best Cinematography  2021

Best Cinematography craft nominee Loeries 2020

Winner Grand Prix Hollyshorts 2019

American Socierty of Cinematographers heritage award nominee 2019

Winner Cinegear short Film series 2019

Winner Best Cinematography Queen Palm Festival 2019

Winner Best Experimental film European Cinematography awards 2019

Best Cinematography Nominee at Silwerskerm 2018

'There's not enough superlatives to describe Frances Kroon's lensing for the film. Somehow, Kroon manages to capture the film's uncomfortable intimacies and atmospheric intimidation simultaneously. Kroon doesn't just capture action, but instead captures the internal and external forces behind the action. It's truly stellar work. '

- the independent critic

There are pieces of the film that look exactly like I imagined them in my head. It really felt like Frances Kroon (Cinematographer) had climbed into my brain and taken a look around. 

- FF2 media, Dir Camille Kane

Afrika is a Country, by Frances Kroon, could be described as the main course in the reality section. A little hard to stomach, this disturbing 3 minutes of symbolism, rips hearts out of chests.

- call of the search


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